Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dead end lakes

What are dead end lakes?

They are lakes with only one entry point.  Most canoers pass them by, because if the campsites are occupied, you have to turn around and portage back to the lake you just came from.  That fact makes dead end lakes quieter.

Both of our alltime favorite campsites are way down the far end of the lake from the portage, which means a long paddle down and back if the campsite's not free.  But if they are open, how sweet it is!  You can see any canoe coming from a long ways away and it's not uncommon to see absolutely no one for several days.  You can make believe that the lake is all yours.  It's the illusion of absolute seclusion.

I may have made up the phrase dead end lake, or maybe that's what all the canoe country experts call it, but either way, they're perfection.

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