Sunday, September 1, 2013

My State Fair Rocks!

Why?  Here are some of my favorite things about the Minnesota State Fair.

This is Princess Kay of the Milky Way having her likeness carved in a 65 pound block of butter. These sculptures are called butterheads.  Each day another member of her court gets their face carved.  After the fair, they get to take their butterhead, plus the shavings, home.

The Miracle of Birth Center is where they bring pregnant pigs, sheep, cows, goats so that they can give birth live in front of fairgoers.  They also have chicken, turkey and duck eggs hatching all the time.  The spectators often get to touch the baby animals.

Crop art is a visual art, kind of like mosaic, but with seeds instead of glass.  Our state fair has a wide variety of crop art displayed in the agriculture building. Making one of these works of art must be incredibly time-consuming.

Where else can you watch, for free, a dog or a cat being spayed or neutered?  And it happens several times a day!  Only at the Pet Center.

All of these things and more are what make the Minnesota State Fair an experience to remember.  What's your favorite thing to do at the fair?


  1. OK, so I put together this whole list and then I come back here and I see that you just asked "what is your favorite thing to do at the fair?" oops. Don't think I can pick just one, so here is my list anyway.

    Minnesota, Minnesota - We are south of Manitoba ...

    Favorite Things –

    • butterheads
    • meeting Princess Kay
    • breakfast & egg coffee at the Salem Lutheran Church dining hall
    • the 4H building with projects & shows
    • pickle hats, bass hats, game hats
    • free concerts at the Leinenkugel Lodge bandshell
    • the parade
    • milking a cow
    • shearing a sheep
    • miracle of birth center
    • raptor show
    • fish of minnesota pond
    • animals of minnesota diorama
    • heck, the whole DNR section
    • all you can drink milk
    • giant sing-along
    • eveything on a stick (even non-food items)
    • chainsaw art - best in the US!
    • planning what to eat
    • J.V. Bailey house
    • Ye Olde Mill
    • fire lookout tower
    • political booths (they crack me up)
    • pet center

    Plus my Wish List -

    • draft horses
    • greenhouses
    • internet cat video festival
    • water raft ride
    • log chute ride
    • llama costume contest

  2. I am not a big fair fan-- it probably comes from being a block away and quickly getting sick of the traffic, the garbage, the helicopters, a terrified dog during the twelve nights of fireworks ...
    But on the years I do go, my favorite thing is the Education Building. I love to see all the cool projects, art, research reports, etc., that our Minnesotan kids have created in the past year. That is always awesome.