Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bootlegger's Ball

The history center has an upcoming exhibit entitled American Spirits:  The Rise and Fall of Prohibition opening on November 9.  It seems quite the coincidence that my novel is set in that exact era.

To kick off the exhibit, they are having a Bootlegger's Ball.  And my honey and I are going to go!  (I already got his agreement to wear a suit, a rare event indeed.)

Besides being the first to see the exhibit, you can also:

wear period dress and have your picture taken
learn to Charleston and shimmy
taste Prohibition era cocktails

I'm really excited.

But I'm nervous too!  Mostly about my dress.  What will I wear?  How can I find something that is roaring 20s like?  Do I have to make my own? Rent?  Thrift store?  Are costumes off the internet sturdy enough?  I love beads and bangles and I hope that I can find something fun.

Maybe I should go see The Great Gatsby and rent Boardwalk Empire to get a feel for what to wear. On the other hand, I have been avoiding watching those shows, so that it doesn't affect my own writing.

What a dilemma!

But also what fun.  Anybody want to join us at the Bootlegger's Ball?

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