Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wild Kingdom

There are a lot of animals in the wilderness, but they are not always easy to see, and even harder to catch with a camera.

Our best sight was one we didn't manage to snap, a moose mother and calf swimming by our campsite and getting out of the water close enough to watch.  Another great experience, if a little alarming, was being followed by a river otter, huffing and spitting as it swam.

Here is a photo of an amazing wildlife experience.  We watched this beaver on and off for two days. She came right up to our island camp, not bothered by us in the slightest.  She proceeded to chop down and eat a small tree in shallow water.  The next day she came back with a kit, who acted just like a bored kid playing around while his mom worked chopping down another small tree.

Besides having multiple moose, river otter, and beaver encounters,  we've also seen loons, eagles, ducks, voles, chipmunks, grouse, frogs, turtles, fish, and spiders (sometimes the spiders are huge!)

We're thankful that so far the wolves and bears are keeping themselves to themselves.

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