Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Building Routines

The trip to the Boundary Waters signifies the end of summer.  Now that school has officially begun and I am not working, I need to start establishing routines.

I want to create a lot of routines.  Some of them are big and life-changing, like writing every day and exercising most days.  Others are smaller, like actually flossing every night so that I don't have to lie to my dental hygienist anymore.

This blog has helped me to write every day.  I even managed it while I was away from internet access!  However, my sweetie reminded me recently that the blog shouldn't take precedence over editing the novel.  Because preparing the novel for initial rejection and eventual publication is the major goal for this year.  He's right, but I need to figure out how to do both.

As far as exercise goes, I walked two miles around my neighborhood this morning.  It was great.  The weather is forecast to be beautiful for the rest of the week and I imagine that for a short while it will be easy to maintain my exercising.  Still, when it gets cold and the winter storms blow, I know am going to want to hide inside.  And using a treadmill is boring, so I may not make it to that marathon if I don't figure it out.

To floss regularly?  I have put floss both by my toothbrush and my bedside table, so that if I forget to floss at first, I have another chance.  I hope it will help me speak truthfully at the dentist's office.

I'll keep you all updated.

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