Monday, September 9, 2013

Is it an official site?

Every official wilderness campsite in the Boundary Waters has two things:  a fire grate and a pit toilet.  The fire grates are usually easily seen from shore and are often works of art made of stone and logs to create a kitchen area.

On the other hand, the toilets have to be a certain distance back from the lakes, so they are at the end of a trail, sometimes short, sometimes long, every once in a while up a steep hill.

Over the years for some bizarre reason I have taken pictures of these lovely latrines.  I share these photos with you now.

Deluxe pit toilet, with lid

Basic pit toilet, no lid
I must admit, I don't envy the Forest Service rangers that have to dig the pits. They need to find a site that they can dig down six feet in an area where you often hit bedrock after a few inches.  I'm sure it's the major reason preventing me from applying to become a Forest Service ranger.

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