Friday, September 13, 2013

Skinny dipping?

I'm a water baby.  I love swimming, playing water polo, even playing marco polo.  Anytime spent in lakes, oceans, or bathtubs is time well spent, at least in my view.

And in the Boundary Waters I get to swim in my birthday suit rather than my bathing suit.  It's great!

The excellence of swimming in the nude probably can't be explained to anyone who hasn't already been skinnydipping.  (Where did that word come from anyway?)  But those of us who have experienced it know that it's wonderfully freeing.

It's the only situation in which I could possibly imagine getting naked in front of other people.  But the beauty of the Boundary Waters is that there isn't anybody else there!

So I can swim however I like and the fish don't seem to mind.

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