Saturday, September 21, 2013

Writing Contest?

Yesterday's post talked about a class that I am going to take at the Loft Literary Center.  But I didn't mention the other cool thing going on at the Loft — a writing contest!

Apparently there is going to be a solar eclipse on November 3rd of this year. It won't be visible where I live, but the Loft has made it the theme of their fall writing contest.

800 words or less that incorporates an eclipse due by October 3rd.  The prize?  $150 of restaurant gift cards plus publication in some local weekly journals not to mention the glory of bragging rights.

Sounds great, right?  Only problem is I don't really have any ideas.  And I've never written a short story in my life.  Then there's the fact that 800 words doesn't seem to give you much room to develop a plot, even a short plot.

Oh well, it's a challenge!  I promise to make some sort of stab at writing an eclipse short story and I will post it here if I don't take first place.

Any ideas from the peanut gallery?

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