Friday, September 27, 2013

Seeing the Dentist

There are things that you still have to do even if you are not working.  Making sure you keep up on all your preventive medical care is one of those things.  Yesterday I went to the dentist and the before, during, and aftermath rather colored my whole day.

The before part was dreading the appointment.  The during part was mostly just mildly uncomfortable until she discovered the small cavity that  exists next to the filling in tooth 19.  Then the after part was scheduling a drilling into my teeth early next week, and overthinking the cavity.  Have I not been brushing enough?  Flossing?   Too much soda?  Too many sweets?  Or just time and the elements triumphing over my enamel?

The only good part of the whole experience was that because I am not working, I don't have to take time off of work and prepare for a substitute.  I could schedule the next appointment for whenever I wanted.  As an educator, preparing for a substitute is a lot of work and I'm happy not to have to do it for 48 more weeks.

Here's hoping the anesthesia works well!

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